t h e l o c a l e: Barista Parlor

the locale:  Barista Parlor  (Nashville, TN
Should you decide to take a trip out to Nashville, Tenn., you'll find more than country music and vintage heaven. You'll also find amazing coffee.

Barista Parlor is a great example of how well-intentioned design and professional brewing meld together to create a marketable (and delicious) product and inviting coffee-drinking atmosphere. The environment is hip-yet-classic, laidback-yet-bustling-- it is an environment of contradictions, but nonetheless impressive.

The baristas operate with a variety of brewing methods, ensuring you have the perfect hand-crafted drink. They use Slayer espresso, which is rich and bright in flavor. Some of the coffees they have generally includes a list of those such as: Stumptown, Sightglass, Coava, Counter Culture, Intelligentsia, Verve, etc, with menus dedicated to informing you of the variety of flavors and brewing methods inherent in each. They also have fresh-made baked goods and a wide selection of artisan chocolates (Mast Brothers, Olive + Sinclair, Askinosie, etc) and often have special events, like brunch or breakfast (with amazing biscuits and sandwiches!) The end result is several local and artisan goods that you can't find at most coffee shops, which creates a memorable treat for visitor and local alike. 

The design of the building itself is probably my favorite aspect of it. Not only do they have great products, but the artistry and care in selecting the interior (and exterior) designs and furnishings is impressive, to say the least. Even the bathrooms are cool in their own way. The interior boasts several sitting areas, as well as bar seating for those flying solo. And if you're craving the great outdoors, they've got you covered, too: a built-on patio makes for great, comfortable seating to take in the view of the stage/parking lot. It stays pretty busy, admittedly, but most folks seem to be just passing through, so there's usually seating available even on the weekends. 

The location is interesting because it is almost entirely hidden from view from the street. It has that hole-in-the-wall appeal that makes it magical. You turn the corner and it is a hip, happening place full of people from all over. It's one of those places that is so memorable and unique that you won't soon forget it. Their whiskey caramel alone is worth the road trip.


 whiskey caramel!!!

barista parlor
519B Gallatin Ave.
Nashville, TN 37206

(615) 712-9766

M-F 7:00am-8:00pm 
S-S 8:00am-8:00pm 


l e t ' s p a r t y: born on the 4th of july

l e t ' s  p a r t y
Whether you were born on the 4th of July or are gearing up to celebrate Independence Day in style-- I've got you covered! Red, white, and blue can be demonstrated in several unique ways, whether by going with natural fruits and veggies or making colorful garlands. My fondest memories are of visiting relatives in Iowa and watching the fireworks. We had a large family, but my grandmother always managed to put on quite the spread, complete with fun activities for the kids. What are some of your favorite must-have foods and decorations for the 4th?

Pinwheels! So fun and simple! (source)
 You could use a variety of materials to make creative signage. (source)
Sparkler cupcakes are a blast!  (Make sure to supervise the kids, parental units!)(source)
Interpreting red, white, + blue with natural foods and tones. (source)
How cute is this? great source for printables and ideas. (source)
These would be really fun and easy to make. (source)
Non-traditional foods for those with gourmet palates. (source)

These are beautiful and very festive. (source)

Yum! A little work but they look fun and delicious. (source)

Jones Soda is a genius idea for these! (source)

Chalkboard signage can be creative and simple. (source)





Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, but today we are focusing on the tiny universes that exist inside our own. Sometimes the eye is the opening to someone's inner world. Sometimes the world wraps itself around us and beckons to us in all dimensions. And oftentimes even a picture can capture an artificial world or a fleeting thought that would be lost to the wind. Today we go to the cosmos and back in search of what is. 


"Jade" by berit alits 
"Untitled" by posidonia...
"Untitled" by maria kazvan
"London/Taxicab" by marco capp
"Untitled" by marina kochetyga
"StandingHereTillTheEndOfTime" by sebastian stadtkind
"Máscaras Experimentais" by mattheus mota
"hola invierno" by roco perna
"transcending" by jessica lia 
"Untitled" by tang jiaqi


DAILY DRIFTER: blue jeans on fire


Blue jeans, bonfires, long nights, rock 'n' roll. We are always pushing the envelope by going above and beyond those who came before us. We are the dreamers, the doers, and the radicals. These are the people that burn the bridges and start the fires, all while looking radiant and innovative. Today we pay tribute to those timeless folks without whom the world would be a boring place to live.


"Untitled" by gloria marigo 
"Savanna Singers" by adrian velazco

"Coastin'" by devin blaskovich

"*" by andrea addante
"Untitled" by christopher mongeau 

"still from my music video" by annique johnson
"90/365" by maría hernández 
"Defending Our Brave Martian Explorers" by kenneth barton

"karahindiba" by maggy van eijk
"love box" by vadim zhavoronkov
"Untitled" by nathalie weiswasser