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Basically, back in 2008, I produced a 98-page magazine (paper+wire magazine) that featured independent artists, writers, musicians, etc from all over the world. It was really successful but with the challenging schedule of architecture school (and me doing 90% of the work), it ended up laying dormant for several years. I had all but forgotten about it only to find out that people were STILL submitting their works to our e-mail address and flickr group feed. It blew me away how much it meant to folks to have a community-based place to showcase their work and be inspired by each other, but at the time I didn't know where to run with it. Some friends of mine recently approached me about doing the project again, only this time primarily in blog format. I was running a personal blog under the "tamer animals" name as well as an easy shop for handmade and vintage (with part of the proceeds going to a local no-kill animal shelter). My friends really liked the name and the concept behind the old magazine, so we had a pow-wow and decided to marry the two ideas to form a multifaceted blog geared towards providing daily doses of inspiration as well as stimulating conversation.

Now that a bunch of people are wanting to be part of it, I think it will be a really fun hobby for me but also a great way for folks to share their works, opinions, and what inspires them. The cool thing is that it isn't just limited to one subject but touches on art, design, architecture (including landscape architecture, of course), music, cooking, writing, fashion, businesses, crafting, etc. Having several perspectives from across the US also helps because they can highlight regional and cultural information and provide unique outlooks on the world they live in. It has a little bit of something for everyone so it won't be stagnant. We're incredibly excited to be doing this project and continuing the spirit of paper+wire magazine and its readers.