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Taylor P.Comment

From Chief Shitting Bull to Champion Tigertongue:

"October 14, 1898.

The first day I knew with certainty that I was falling in love with you.

It is a year later and my love and admiration for you has only grown.

Circumstances change day to day, but one thing remains certain:

Despite all we have been through, and all we will likely go through over the years, this love is a constant. It is something that doesn’t not change. I cannot revert my heart.

If there are many levels of love, we will probably encounter all of them. It will continue even if we have other lives in passing years.

I somewhat believe it may continue even after we are dead and gone. I venture to affirm that it transcends time, morality, and

mortality. The day we met was one of the most fortuitous events in my life, and the day I fell in love with you served as a

confirmation of that.

You are like a wildfire and have spread to every part of my life- building, destroying and enriching it symbolically, dynamically, and

irreversibly. You have seduced me from seclusion and have given me the strength to keep calm and carry on. You inadvertently

gave me a purpose and showed me reserves that I did not know that I had.

You have seen me in the highest spirits and you have seen me fall apart. You have seen me at my most guarded and most

vulnerable. You have shared the intimate moments with me, the moments of discovery and childlike wonder, and the tumultuous

words and passions that nearly brought us to tears. You have brought out the best and worst in me, inciting me to extremes of

love and hate that I never knew were possible. Words cannot express how grateful I am for these things. Maybe no one else would

understand, and oftentimes I don't fully comprehend this either, but everything you do and are means so much to me.. A year

later my heart still skips a beat. So, thank you, my kindred spirit; my lover; my friend. Thank you for being the fire. ♥"

“Why are we so attracted to each other?” He hissed. “I have never been so attracted to anyone in my entire life.”