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color theory

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i n t e r i o r   s u p e r i o r

Whether you're adding some pops of color to a dull room or completely revamping your home, here are some great ways to spruce up your interiors. 

A swing in a large living room space adds nostalgia (and great exercise while Netflix-perusing!) (via



Non-traditional uses of pallets add texture and form to an accent wall. (via

regards et maisons


Adding geometric shapes and a variety of colors can bring life to a minimal space. (via

turbulences déco


 Hanging plants aid in purifying the environment and hint of nature to your home. (via



Minimalist drawers and maximum horizontal spaces enlarge space psychologically and provide a connection between spaces. (via

interior junkie


An unexpected color and beautiful tiles can spruce up  a lavatory and still exude cleanliness. (via

my scandinavian home


Unfinished wood adds texture and spatial form to a space. (via domaine)

Pairing a cool color with a warm-toned floor can give even harmony to a room. (via



Utilizing all aspects of the color wheel can liven up white walls and provide variety. (via



Angular ceilings create dramatic, definitive spaces. (via 

the design files



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