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Q: Does TA pay contributors for their work/time/etc?
A:  Currently, as this is a small operation, we are unable to compensate contributors at this time. However, we are very adept at promoting your work to the masses, so it should help you generate income by introducing potential new customers to your work. It's really a win-win situation. As the blog gains a wider audience and following, we will likely be adding paid staff members, but for now, everyone is basically volunteering their work/services in exchange for our free promotion and loving curation.

Q: Does this mean you own rights to my work?
A: No way! The only right we have (by you submitting it to us) is to showcase your work. We will ALWAYS link back to the source you gave us with your information. For items found on the web, we will use the first available source if we cannot find a specific author of the original. (Ex: linking back to a Pinterest account if the original link is a dead end.) If you see something you have done up on the blog and do not want it on the blog, simple write us a note and we will remove it immediately. If it does not have the specific credits you envision, let us know and we will change it for you to suit your needs ASAP. We're in the business of making folks happy-- NOT taking credit for their work. We don't want a lawsuit (we have no money anyway) and we don't want anyone unhappy, so always let us know if there is an issue and we will take care of it.

Q:  Do you accept international submissions/writers?
A:   Of course! We highly enjoy working alongside folks from other countries, as they provide so much insight into the world around us. It's great to see and discover new artists and creatives across the globe!

Q:  What does "tamer animals" stand for? It sounds weird.
A:   We played around a bunch with different names, but felt this encompassed the spirit of the brand we envisioned. Plus, we really love the song "Tamer Animals" by Other Lives, so it is somewhat a homage to good music as well. Since the brand started as being focused on donating a percentage to a local No-Kill shelter, we had to bring animal awareness into the mix somehow.

Q:  Will the new format still feature personal stories/photos or is it just for art now?
A:   Yes, there will still be personal narratives and photos from time to time. We were mainly shifting away from having that as our primary focus, but those will not be going away entirely and you should expect to see posts from all of us on here at some point or another. We definitely want to you guys to get to know us as people and not just potential text robots, and we hope to get to know you guys and hear your stories as well. There's going to be posts that make you laugh and make you cry, but we mainly want you to enjoy reading the blog and be able to relate to it.

Q:  Can I submit my personal stories or DIYs?
A:   YES! We would love to highlight you and your uniqueness (or weirdness, depending on what you're submitting.)

Q:  Will you post everything that everyone submits or is there a selection process?
A:    For the record, we aren't pretentious snobs or hipsters. We will look at everything that is submitted and when applicable, fit it where we can. We try to keep certain themes for certain days (see the "Submission" tab for general info on what we typically look for. q:) However, you're welcome to wow us with subjects or creative types we've yet to think of. We try to fit as much new or unique work (as much as possible within reason) into our blog posts, so even though we won't be able to use every submission we receive, we will do our best to incorporate your work somehow. That being said, there's no guarantee we can give you or anything, so please don't hold it against us if your work doesn't make a feature or doesn't in a timely manner. We will do our best!

Q:  What's up with the clothing line?
A:   We are currently designing fabrics and drafting patterns, but the accessory line and vintage products are available in our Etsy shop (tamer animals.etsy.com) currently. Our official launch date for the clothing line will be announced early next year and is slated for Spring 2019. The line will feature a limited run of 1960's-inspired mini dresses and accessories with original prints and unique materials as well as some maternity and children's  items. 

Q:   Can I add you guys individually on Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/etc or is that odd?
A:    YES! Please do! Add us and we'll add/follow you back as well!

Q:  My band is looking for some extra promotion and would like you guys to feature us. What do we need to do?
A:   The best way would be to e-mail us with a link to your work along with some hi-res photos and a link to any videos you may have (if applicable). Including a brief bio will also help greatly, but make sure to include any information you feel is relevant (band member's previous bands, release dates, genre you want mentioned, etc). Although we won't be able to feature every submission, we LOVE promoting bands that aren't wellknown groups yet, so we'll do our best to feature you and help you out.

Q:   I want to do a giveaway of something I have made to help promote my work. Can you help me?
A:   We welcome giveaways and brand promotion (as in displaying your clothing/accessories/art for a feature) of all kinds. Feel free tocontact Ally at ta@tamer-animals.com to see what kind of plan we can come up with, if any. We will only promote things that we believe our readers will be interested in, but most things submitted will likely fall under the "user interest" category. Just keep in mind that this is an art/fashion/photography/lifestyle/craft/music blog, so if they don't fall into those categories we may not be able to feature them at this time.

Q:    I just started a blog recently and was wondering if we could cross-promote/cross-advertise with each other?
That sounds great! So long as it meets our category standards, we would love to work with you! Just check out the "advertise" tab for general information on how that works.

Q:  I have this really great tutorial that I think your readers would like! How can I submit it to be featured on your blog? What about guest posting?
A:   YUP! Just contact Maddie at ta@tamer-animals.com with your idea, some images (if applicable), and a little bit about yourself. If we feel it is something beneficial to our readers, we will gladly post it for you! GO TEAM AWESOME!

Q:  How can I join the TA staff?
A:   If you would like to write for us regularly, e-mail Denver at  ta@tamer-animals.com with a sample of your work (or ideas you have running around your mind currently about future posts), a short bio, and your availability. We typically are looking for folks that can post at least once a week, but if you have the time and a great idea, are open to daily features as well. We schedule most of our posts in advance, so you could write them in your downtime to schedule for a specific day each week, if that makes any sense. It isn't a paid gig, but it's a chance to get your name, products, or thoughts out to a larger audience. We only ask that you check out the disclaimer (as there are some subjects we simply can't post since the blog is set to be mostly kid-friendly) and let us know if you need to take a hiatus from posting.

Q:    I primarily work in collage and use found images. What info do you need in order to publish my work on your blog?
A:     If you have image source links or authors, PLEASE include them in your submission so that from a legal and informational standpoint, we're golden. If not, make sure to mention that it is a collage with sources unknown.

Q:  Can I submit someone else's work/text/photos/etc?
A:   The only way this is acceptable is if you have permission from the original author or if you can provide a solid link back to their work and get their OK if possible so we are able to credit them formally. If you find things that inspire you or you want to share with the world, feel free to submit it to us with the original author's link along with your info/link. We will credit the author, but also credit you for bringing it to our attention!

Have any more questions? Ask below and we'll try to add them (with answers, of course) to the list! Thanks, guys!


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