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We are currently accepting submissions for the following categories via. To submit your work or article idea, please use the following format in the body of your e-mail or use the form below:

  • Desired Feature Title (You choose or we can make one for you!)
  • Submission Type (Example: artwork, tutorial, editorial, band, giveaway, something you found on the web, etc.,)
  • Your Name (or name of author if applicable)
  • Link to Your Work or The Work of Author(s) (This will be what we post linked to your name)
  • Desired Feature Type (see "Current Features" below)
  • Any Other Info You Need Us To Know
  • Attachment/links with 1 or more hi-res/good quality images (or a txt/pdf document if you are submitting an article) and source information (if applicable)/links to videos or external sites that may be beneficial to highlighting your work

We currently have several daily features and occasional features in the works through various staff members. Below is a listing of the current features, frequency, and a short description of what we are aiming for. If you have an idea for a post that we haven't covered but feel needs to be included, please contact us with your idea and if it is a good one, we'll cover it (and credit you in the process for being a genius!) Keep in mind that while we will try to feature everyone that we can, we may or may not publish your work depending on if it is relevant to the topics and readers or not. We will do our best to accommodate you when possible, though, so please don't let this discourage you from submitting your ideas!

Contact: Taylor

Current Features:
1. Life In the Pursuit of Fashion: weekly post featuring fashion information. This is typically thematic by a specific style, era, designer, or design. 
2. Design Therapy: biweekly tutorial for a craft project or freebies. Sometimes this feature will also have helpful information for design, organization, or a design-related lifestyle aid.
3. statutes of inspiration: weekly showcase of "inspiring" or unusual things from around the web. 
4. Architecture as Frozen Music: bi-monthly feature on architecture and design from all over the world.
5. interior superior: weekly post exploring interior spaces and design ideas.

Contact: Ally

Current Features:
1. "DAILY DRIFTER":  a daily post primarily composed of submissions from our two flickr photo pools/groups. She also accepts e-mailed submissions. Ally curates and chooses submissions based on pre-determined subjects planned for daily posts, so if she feels your work embodies the certain theme of the day, she will include your work.
2. p a t t e r n f i l e s: weekly post showcasing unusual patterns, fabrics, and graphic design. 
3. bookfair: bi-weekly post highlighting interesting articles on the web, blogs, books, and things that inspire us.
4. Get Hitched: bi-weekly wedding inspiration feature for brides (and grooms) to be. 

Contact: Maddie 

Current Features: 
1. Pinterest Roundup: weekly feature that has a set theme but reaches across a variety of objects and types. Maddie selects a specific theme (this week was "arrows") and scours Pinterest for objects and images conveying the theme. If you have an idea for a theme or would like to submit something, send it her way.
2. future primitive: weekly lifestyle editorial, sometimes focusing on controversial or personal subjects. Maddie will feature TA testimonials, personal accounts, or user-submitting stories so if you have something you feel readers would benefit from, this is the place. Some of the recent posts have focused on child-rearing, bullying, body image, relationships, and women's issues. 
3. home sweet home: weekly feature showcasing home interiors/exteriors, objects, and anything related to home decor
4. Love the House You're In/House Love: Monthly. Reader-submitted editorials featuring their personal abodes with interviews or information on the process and lots of pretty pictures. If you just recently renovated your home, finished some projects, or have a unique home, we want YOU.
5. baby love: weekly featuring clothing, shoes, accessories, toys, furnishings, activities, etc for kids
6. let's party: bi-weekly ideas on themes for parties, events, or celebrations

Contact: Denver

Current Features:
1. Ear to the Ground/The Spin: weekly selection featuring underground, underdog, or unique bands. Usually includes photos, album or biographic information, and a video.
2. coffee + craft: bi-weekly double-whammy tutorial showing how to make something and a recipe for an unusual coffee conconction.
3. the locale: bi-weekly travel post highlighting a city, local business, or anything that may fall in that category. Desireables include reader-submitted city guides with brief info on local attractions/businesses, unique storefronts with unique products (and lots of pictures) with interviews of the proprietors or dsecriptions of the service/merchandise they offer), or general travel editorials about trips you've taken or travel tips. The key is to have several good photos, although cell phone photos are okay so long as they're visually interesting.
4. lumber: a monthly post talking about men's issues, men's fashion, and technology.



(and names of co-contributors, if applicable.)
(Or the work of co-author(s). This will be what we post linked to your name!)
(see "Current Features" above.)
((Attachment of links for 1 or more hi-res/good quality images (or a txt/pdf document if you are submitting an article) and source information (if applicable)/links to videos or external sites that may be beneficial to highlighting your work. If the work is not your own, please get the proper permissions from the author and source information for us to link back to their work--such as if you are doing an interview or review. If the files are small enough, you are welcome to submit them to the appropriate staff member’s e-mail or link us through Dropbox. That’s all, folks!))