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We are currently looking for the following members to join our team. For general submissions, please visit the "submissions" tab.

THESE ARE CURRENTLY ALL UNPAID POSITIONS. Compensation will be made in the form of portfolio exchange (you'll be given a disc of images or files for use in your portfolio, for example), coffee or food, high fives, and resume-appropriate experience. We also can train you in programs (such as AutoCAD or Photoshop) in exchange for any unique skills you might bring to the table. We are also open to bartering with vintage clothes, art, or other handmade stuff we create in exchange for your help, so it is somewhat negotiable (within reason).

1. MODELS (East TN, GA, NC area)
We are currently seeking 3-4 ladies to model for our 2017 lookbook, preferably ages 18-35. The clothing and accessories will be various sizes and materials. This will be treated as a fun, playful, high-fashion style shoot and will mostly be outdoors for a couple hours. Location will be determined based on where the majority of the models are located. There will be no nudity of any sort-- this is a dress and accessory shoot (think Orla Kiely-esque shoots). The photo shoot will be scheduled in mid-August 2016. Drinks and snacks will be provided. What we are looking for is a unique, fresh look that will display our product line effectively. If you are interested in possibly working with us, please submit a few headshots, a brief bio, and any links to previous work to Taylor at tameranimals@aol.com. Compensation will be negotiable on the terms listed above. 

We are currently seeking a freelance stylist to help us plan our Lookbook. Compensation will be negotiable on the terms listed above. Duties will include helping us plan out a unique look, attending the photo shoot to aid with placement and styling, and generally having a fun time with us and creating something fun that we can all be proud of. Makeup and hair experience would be a plus, but isn't necessary. The photo shoot will be in August 2016, but we will do most correspondence via the internet or in person (if you're local). We are seeking someone with excellence and uniqueness in style, vision, and the ability to come up with a variety of ideas. If you're interested in working with us, please contact Ally at ally.tameranimals@gmail.com with a few examples of your work (or ideas of things you would like to do), a brief bio, and a link to previous work (if applicable.)

We are looking for a few local artisans who would like to join our team and sell their wares with us. We are mainly looking for art, accessories, and fashion that aids in helping to create the "tamer animals" vision. You retain all rights to your products, branding, etc-- we will be basically serving as a distribution center for local and non-local items. If you think your work fits in with what we're doing, please contact Maddie at maddie.tameranimals@gmail.com with some example of your work, a brief bio, and any references of your work (if it is in a store, distributed elsewhere, or reviewed on other blogs.)