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design therapy: FREE iPhone 5 Templates!

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Every once in a while, we like to give you guys a little freebie (because you deserve it, amiright?). Remember that "Asia 1960" set we did a while back? We decided to put them to good use and make fun clear-case inserts for your iPhone!  We'll also be making additional sets in the next few weeks for 4 and 5s users-- because we adore you precious angels, too. To get the template, just click on the image above (it should open in a new window full-size) and right click or drag to save the file to your computer. We had luck printing them at Kinko's (on a glossy, thick paper) but they're equally awesome on our Canon printer, so no worries there! Then just follow the instructions on the bottom. We purchased a clear case from Hobby Lobby (


), but there are tons on


also if you don't have a HL in your area. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting this blog thus far! If you end up using these, please send us a link  or tag us on instagram (@tamer.animals) so we can see your beautiful handiwork! Comment below and let us know what you'd like to see for the next group! Any brave ideas?


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