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Ally R.Comment


Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, but today we are focusing on the tiny universes that exist inside our own. Sometimes the eye is the opening to someone's inner world. Sometimes the world wraps itself around us and beckons to us in all dimensions. And oftentimes even a picture can capture an artificial world or a fleeting thought that would be lost to the wind. Today we go to the cosmos and back in search of what is. 



"Jade" by

berit alits 

"Untitled" by


"Untitled" by

maria kazvan

"London/Taxicab" by

marco capp

"Untitled" by

marina kochetyga

"StandingHereTillTheEndOfTime" by

sebastian stadtkind

"Máscaras Experimentais" by

mattheus mo


"hola invierno" by

roco perna

"transcending" by

jessica lia 

"Untitled" by

tang jiaqi

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DAILY DRIFTER: field notes

Ally R.Comment


Whether we're traipsing through far-off vistas or simply walking down a country road, wife open spaces and blankets of clouds can bring us down the earth. Even if civilization is closer than we would like, there is very much beauty left untamed in the wilderness. The following selections focus on this spirit of movement and the quiet stillness of being within the belly of the natural world. 



"2/52" by

carolina conte

"Untitled" by


"White Rabbit" by

silvia  o.

"Jardins de Laribal" by

edwina jaupi 

"devaneio cristalino" by

tuane eggers 

"stratification" by

alexandra moskow

"Untitled" by

david paton

"Untitled" by

em bernatzky 

"Kiev. Ukraine. June 2014" by

nazar gonchar

"Untitled" by

andrea di cesare 


わたしが生きている世界はまるで球体です。" by

matsuki narishige

"Untitled" by

Søren bΛp†iŞm

"Untitled" by

ksusha smyr

"elrika's mother" by

maria dragan

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DAILY DRIFTER: lived in bars

Ally R.Comment


"We've lived in bars

                                                      And danced on the tables

                                                  Hotels, trains and ships that sail

                                                          We swim with sharks

                                               And fly with aeroplanes in the air"


Chan Marshall (Cat Power)

             I spent a lot of time in bars when I turned twenty-one. Sometimes we went to clubs that were loud and busy. At other times we went to quiet places, back alleys, or corner bars down the street where everyone knew our names. Yet, often, "bars" can be the things keeping us safe or holding us back. Today we're going to evaluate the realities of being contained and what freedom means to us all. 



"Las Buenas Noches" by

postcards from inside

"Untitled" by


làudia aragon

"Untitled" by

alex dietrich

"Untitled" by

andrea lamedica 

"Untitled" by

tiziana guano

"New Belgrade" by

dejan golic

"vincent" by

terry magson

"The Diver" by

kyle gerhardt

"Untitled" by

michel nguie



" by

davide de tomasi

"Untitled" by

olivia bayly

"Untitled" by

ChihHsien Chen

"Repulsion" by

lucy marti

"many minds only one roof" by

alberto mugoni

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the notebook: Magazine, Nostalgia 1960's Japan, Wild Ones, Photoshop Actions, + Oblivion

Taylor A.Comment

We've all gotta start somewhere, right?

This week we're taking a trip down memory lane to celebrate where we've all been and where we're all going.

It has been really invigorating to see how much it has grown and evolved over the years, as we have all grown and evolved along with it. 

Yes, that was actually wire...you can stop laughing now. :) 

By looking at the past, we're able to examine our future in a much more informed light. By stepping away from the print publication and into the world, it gives us a new kind of freedom of expression that is not bound by cost or print deadlines. 

But we have to give the magazine some merit. It taught us a lot about what to do and what not to do, and it was fun to work on and be a part of. So we're using the magazine to serve as the baseline-- the ideology and mission still stands, but we're able to bring more of who we are to the table and less of what was expected of us. If you would like to visit our roots, you can download a free pdf copy of the first paper + wire magazine  


or read it (also free)



This week, we will be...

   ...looking at 1960's Japan's fashion influence and maps

                                         ...taking a walk on the wild side with Ally and the Wild Ones

                                         ....reviewing a band that has hands-down the best name ever

                                         ...seeing amazing rooms for kiddos, dynamic interiors, and fantastic parties

                                         ...discovering the feels, take a road through the ruins, and into oblivion

                                         ...find out ten reasons that we're "doing it wrong" according to Maddie

       And this Tuesday, we will be releasing a free set of Photoshop CC Actions for you to enjoy!

The best part: They're free. FREE!

Thank you so much to everyone for your support and for giving us a chance! You guys are the best!



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