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design therapy: free tamer animals "n a t i v e" photoshop CC actions pack

Taylor A.Comment

We've been working on several sets of photoshop actions to release in the upcoming months and decided to go ahead and release a free pack of actions chosen from each set for you to enjoy and play around with. The


native pack

" includes the following actions:

holiday, camino, folkway, honeycomb, posey, + hornsby

. These actions were made with Adobe Photoshop CC and we're currently working on making them more Lightroom friendly for you LR users out there. 

To use them, simply download them by clicking


and following the download instructions. Be sure to download them into your Photoshop "Actions" folder on your computer so it can find them. Once you have done that, open Photoshop, click on your Actions tab, and right click on the little pull-down menu on the right-hand side of it. From there you should be able to load the action set and just press the "play" button on the one you want to use. Keep in mind that each action will do different things depending on the colors and style of the original photo, so if you don't like something in a particular step, just uncheck it before you press "play."  If you don't know much about actions,

Photoshop Essentials has a fabulous set of tutorials

 on everything actions. 

Please let us know what you think and feel free to contact us if you have trouble getting it to load so we can walk you through it. Feel free to show us your results, if you like! We'd love to see what you come up with! Thanks and happy editing!


your pals at TA


has a red-aqua washed-out tone and is good for pictures of life moments, food, and action shots. 


 has a blue-green-yellow base and gives a summery, southwestern vibe to your photos where the colors really pop!



" is desaturated with colorful, crisp undertones. It was inspired by Nashville and country music. It works well with music photos, macro shots of goods, and portraits. 


gives you that over-processed, subdued technicolor 1960's postcard look. It works best on architecture, wilderness, and travel photos.



" is a yellow-orange-blue toned grainy action. It is great for wildflowers, fields, macro shots, and vintage-inspired photo shoots with in the natural world.



" is a blue-orange tinted grayscale with a soft contrast and  high film  grain. It works like a champ with classic-style photos and artistic shots. 

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