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pine cones

DAILY DRIFTER: Into the Woods

Ally R.Comment

When I think of the woods, I think of sprawling forests of old growth trees, the craggy mountains of my childhood, and long walks with no destination in particular. I've always lived in cities, so it has often been a daydream of mine to venture to parts unknown. Camping with my Dad before he passed was a particularly fond memory for me. 

What images does your mind conjure up when you think of the great outdoors? Here's some little sparks of inspiration from our flickr group. Please check out these amazing artists by clicking on their names to go to their respective pages. Thank you!



"I am a singing of leaves II (alternate tonality)" by


"34A_0487" by

andi singer

"tatiana" by

michel nguie

"sequoia" by

christopher mongeau

"Untitled" by

danielle christine 

"Untitled" by

sean gilchrist

"Untitled" by

imitation o f life

"Untitled" by

david paton

"Untitled" by

jamie miller


Quanto silêncio cabe em um sentir?" by

tuane eggers

"untitled" by

renata ibis

"Untitled" by


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