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solid void

DAILY DRIFTER: Minimal Surrealism

Ally R.Comment

Mirages in the Sahara. Solid-voids. Cemeteries and canals. 

Get it? I'm being ironically minimal. 

All kidding aside, the following are some gorgeous examples of minimal surrealism in form. 

These are some profound ways to express minimalism and surrealism combined. Sometimes they are haunting, eluding, and intoxicating. Oftentimes they are pure magic. 



"cementerio nueva esperanza. Lima - Perú" by

javier castro

"Klemence" by

lucile perron

"homesick" by

giuliana massaro

"push the sky away" by 

Mariana Cecílio

"The loss of the purity" by

dara scully

"Untitled" by


"Untitled" by

heitor magno

"Untitled" by

ChihHsien Chen

"Untitled" by

alexandra moskow

"Untitled [Mama] 2014" by

george nebieridze

"_23_0988" by

Ioana Lupascu

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