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some things last a long time

DAILY DRIFTER: some things last a long time

Ally R.Comment


Historically, the photograph has been an interesting phenomenon. It is able to capture the very essence of people's souls and provides the ability to stop time just briefly. When time stops, we see a moment in the frame that conveys so much thought, meaning, and depth. Even in the digital era, the camera somehow captures the vitality of the soul. In this selection, we will see time stand still and how the subject of the portrait inhabits the frame, all the while reaching far outside the frame into our very hearts. 



"Introvert #2" by

daniel müller

"Crimson and bare as I stand II" by


"new shoes" by

lux lisbon

"Untitled" by

emily savill


№4" by

anna laznya

"Idea of Florida as a Midwestern kid meets reality" by


"khaleesi, mother of dragons" by

joseph rustia 

"Thibaut" by  

Ousseynou Cissé 

"The Others- Demo Portrait" by

jill justus

"fall" by

roco perna 

"Untitled" by

nicoletta branco

"Untitled" by


"Untitled" by

sara carpentieri 

"+" by

luke davis

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