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summer solstice

DAILY DRIFTER: waiting for the summer

Ally R.Comment


We celebrated the summer solstice last night by bonfire, under douglas firs out on the coast. It's just finally warm enough to feel summer's powerful spell draping us with its warm embrace. The wait is finally over. What are some of your big plans for Summer (if you're not still waiting for it)?



"Ocean blue take me away" by

miguel soll

"carthasy live @ rosemount hotel" by

isadora j. 

"Lisa & Sasha" by

anna laznya 


わたしが生きている世界はまるで球体です。" by

matsuki narishige 

"Adriana" by

lux lisbon 

"boiling." by

zoë lapin 

"Untitled" by

antonella moltini

"Untitled" by

sacha bertrand

"Compact Team" by naomi of


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