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DAILY DRIFTER: field notes

Ally R.Comment


Whether we're traipsing through far-off vistas or simply walking down a country road, wife open spaces and blankets of clouds can bring us down the earth. Even if civilization is closer than we would like, there is very much beauty left untamed in the wilderness. The following selections focus on this spirit of movement and the quiet stillness of being within the belly of the natural world. 



"2/52" by

carolina conte

"Untitled" by


"White Rabbit" by

silvia  o.

"Jardins de Laribal" by

edwina jaupi 

"devaneio cristalino" by

tuane eggers 

"stratification" by

alexandra moskow

"Untitled" by

david paton

"Untitled" by

em bernatzky 

"Kiev. Ukraine. June 2014" by

nazar gonchar

"Untitled" by

andrea di cesare 


わたしが生きている世界はまるで球体です。" by

matsuki narishige

"Untitled" by

Søren bΛp†iŞm

"Untitled" by

ksusha smyr

"elrika's mother" by

maria dragan

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