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emulsion: a divorce in retrospect (one of the first quiet years songs)

Taylor P.Comment

 Our marriage was a sea of emulsion. Like the ship, it was

weathered and tattered by sand and salt, by time and

circumstance. It has broken like the swells do, crashing to the

shore and bleeding into itself. I was broken bones, antimatter,

lost in a changing sea. I had no voice, no purpose, and I was

born to die. I once believed that we all must die alone, but now

I know we are never alone.

When the old seas were formed

on the way, thieves were certain

So we sailed to the ocean

follow back, these devotions

All we know, we call home

to the swells, but they're broken

oh this home, once was board but

now it's dull, like the ocean

And these swells

fall in pain

bitter words come mid-age, dear

Oh we sail with our sparklers

write our words, pens a'knocking

to the drum, of what may

cometh fast, these divulsions

heed my words, all well said

but we can't speak these motions

of our hands, of our eyes dear,

of our words

soft and beauty

so we say

one two

one you

said I


On the bow, careful planning

kept us back, to the the dawning

of the reel, how our hearts melt

keep our eyes, to para-mount

Bantered war, oh so heart-less

bite your tongues, to our speaking

clever verbs, saucers passing

to the birds, they shine like belfries

And these swells

fall in vain

trifled terms, come with age, dear

hands surrmount, stable crafting

to the sound, of the mast weave

cheap perfume, in a phone booth

but in vain, we've yet to pursue

heed my words, all well meant

but we can't reap these sources

of our tongues that are wordless

and our eyes

harness duties

so we say

one two

one you

said I


To the swells, lead the oceans

but like ours, it has broken

forgotten home, deep emulsion

breaks like swells, in an ocean

We're like swells, in an ocean.