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fight or flight

Taylor P.Comment

 Life is contradictory in that to survive, we assume we must survive alone, yet we are generally made for procreation. After we find ourselves, the next logical chapter is to test this,

and put someone else’s needs before our own. In our twenties, we experience our first real taste of loss, whether through marriage, deaths, or loss of friends and the promise of

romance or the lawfulness of the universe. As we age, everything falls away and all things must come to an end. We will lose our parents, our friends, our homes, and possibly

even our children. And they will likely lose us. Life is impermanence. Life is possibility. So we must evolve. We must take this time, our only time in this life, and transform it. We

must push good energy out into the world, be kind and good despite all of the unkindness that surrounds us, and remove the barriers that inhibit transfiguration. We must

appreciate the beauty of a smile, of laughter, of the forest, of the holy mountain, and of the perfections and imperfections that exist within and without. You must give in to change,

and trust in God and life, embrace the uncertainties of it all, and jump in sometimes. It is the only way we can learn and grow to our full potentials. Inactivity is lazy. Inactivity forms

habits, hurts others, and destroys integrity. Be happy, be industrious, and don’t fight against life for fear of the unknown. Take a risk.