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baby love: 10 best nursery ideas for 2016

Taylor P.Comment

1. Graphic Print Walls Adds Depth to Small Spaces

2. Importing Colors from Artwork Can Make Neutral Spaces Pop

3. Paint Crib Rails to Create Visual Stimulus 

4. Painting Walls Using a Gradient or Dual Tones Spruces Up Rooms

5. Composite of Same or Similar Materials Can Create Quick Contrast 

6. A-frame Tents Can Be an Exploratory Space for Your Baby 

7. Vintage Furnishings or Prints Highlight Nostalgia + Creativity

8. Using Similar Shades/Tones Makes Contrasting Colors Shine

9. Make a Library + Reading Nook to Promote a Love of Learning

10. Simple Graphic Prints + Text Add Variety to a Small Space

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