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Let's Party!: 25 Amazing DIY Easter Egg Ideas You NEED in Your Life Right NOW

Maddie C.Comment

It's that time of year again where everything is full of life and flowers are blooming everywhere. Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, there is something very wonderful about dyeing eggs. Some of my fondest memories from my childhood were in the kitchen, painting and dipping eggs and putting those little plastic shrink wraps with the chicken or bunny printed on them. Traditionally Easter eggs were a symbol of fertility/rebirth/bored farmers, but the egg game has definitely hardcore evolved the last few years (blame Pinterest!) I'm really excited to try some of these out with my own kids this year and make some new traditions and memories (terrarium eggs, anyone?!) I want to do them all--they're so pretty! What kind are you wanting to do this year? The possibilities are endless! 

via  Artistic Moods  (work by the talented Dinara Mirtalipova)

via Artistic Moods (work by the talented Dinara Mirtalipova)

via  SheKnows
via Whole Foods

via Whole Foods

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