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food coma: printable recipe cards! + our favorite drink ever!

Taylor P.Comment

I don't know about you guys but I love to cook. Do you ever create something that you love only to realize you don't remember the ingredients and amounts you put in to make it? BUMMER! 

But fret no more because we made ya'll an awesome and colorful set of recipe cards to enjoy! And the best part? It's FREE!

Titles, descriptions, measurements, ingredients, etc for your recipe-chronicling please. There is also a "f/c" for oven temperatures so you can bake whatever you want to perfection. NICE! We really love using them and hope you will as well! 

And here is our top-secret chai latte recipe that we have been drinking nonstop around the office! When I was in Pilsen in Chicago a couple of years ago I found a cute coffee shop that had basil-infused lattes. I loved the idea of that and it was mighty tasty! But my love of chai knew no bounds and I wanted to try something out just to see. Sure enough-- it is awesome with chai, too!:

Want your own set? Download our free printable recipe cards here and get cooking!

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