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shop update

shop update: We've moved!

shop updateDenver B.Comment
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If you've noticed things being a little on the quiet side lately, not to worry. The wait is finally over and we're ready to unveil our new and improved shop! We've been seriously hustling the past few months to get new handmade products, illustrations, and design your way as well as some unique found fashions. 

Want to peruse our new stock? Just click on the "shop" link on the navigation bar at the top of the screen and have at it! 

There are more awesome things in store for TA in 2018, including:

*We'll be launching our Spoonflower collections early in the year. Whether you just casually sew or are a dedicated crafter, we got you.
*We're in the process of adding Society6 to our roster as well as some local printers for our stationery, calendars, and greeting cards for the Spring 2018 collection. 
*Our TA Kids Lookbook is slated for Summer 2018.
*We'll be working with Blurb and Chatbooks to bring you some really amazing books.
*Curated vintage accessory boxes. Need we say more?
*We'll be extending our handmade/illustrated collection to include more custom orders!

Thank you all for your continued patience with us and support!

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shop update: coming soon!

shop updateTaylor P.Comment

shop update

Photo Sep 12.jpeg

Our custom banners will be coming next month to our etsy store. Each banner is hand-sewn and made with quality vinyl (black or white although we will have more options soon,) felt (1" or 2" letters in black, white, or red,) and recycled vintage fabrics. They are mostly inspired by soul music but feature a variety of mottos as well. 

Photo Sep 11.jpeg

Works in progress. 


Some of the options that will be available for pre-order!: 

image1 copy.JPG
image2 copy.JPG
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