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design therapy: make a summer arrow wreath + giveaway!

Taylor A.Comment

Hey guys! We here at

tamer animals

have been gearing up for Summer! This "wreath" was inspired by the warm weather and thoughts of summer camp (think: Moonrise Kingdom) and playing in tree forts.  We wanted something playful and fun to help capture the spirit of our favorite season. We used it to grace the entryway to our house, but it would also make a really fun wall hanging for the interior. The beauty of it is that it is super easy and fun to do!

supplies needed:

-  A set of arrows (We found our set 


, but you could probably use some from a sports store as well; If you buy your set at Hobby Lobby, be sure to use a coupon-- it was only $5 USD with the coupon!)

-  Three or four different colors of paint (We used just some basic acrylic craft paint (


), but found that t

his Patio Paint 

works best even though it is a bit more expensive)

-A matte translucent spray fixative or water-proof fixative (You can find this at generally any home improvement store in the paint section for $4-5. We used one made by Rust-Oleum)


-3-4 different types of yarn, ribbon, or lace

- A paper plate or scrap piece of thick paper

-A pair of scissors

- A hair dryer (optional)

-Painter's tape (optional)


~1.5 hours


pretty easy!


Once you have all of your supplies together, you can first tape off which sections you want to paint. We didn't end up taping it off because we wanted it to look hand painted, but you could use some painter's tape or masking tape if you want cleaner lines. Shake the paint containers and place a dollop of paint on a non-porous surface (we used a coated paper plate). 


Begin by painting from one end to the next (we started at the bottom of the arrowhead). Paint a light coat first and then add any additional coats until it it solid-looking.  We found it best to paint in one direction, but paint in whatever way you feel most comfortable.  It will usually take 2-3 coats, so if you want to save time, feel free to use a blow dryer to speed up the drying time. Just make sure to hold the dryer a few inches away so the metal on the arrows doesn't get too hot to touch! Since the arrows already are pre marked, we didn't have to draw on the chevron shape (you could use a marker and ruler if your set is not marked). 


Although we did different colors on alternate bands (to allow each section to dry), once dried we also painted the adjacent ones. After this, we touched up any areas that were not quite as straight as we would have liked and let those dry. Slow and steady wins the race, guys! 


Once the main layers have dried, feel free to add any other details to personalize your design. Let those dry and then take it outside (or somewhere well-ventilated) and spray it with the fixative. Let it sit for about half an hour to ensure it is fully dry before doing Step 5. 


Once everything is dry, begin cutting strands of yarn for the tassels. We just cut about 15-20 inches for each piece (you can trim them later to whatever size you need.) For the pom at the end, you can wrap a 20 inch piece around your hand several times and then tie it in the middle of the loops with the other long piece of yarn. Next, you simply cut all of the little loops open and voila! It may take a couple tries to get them the way you like them, but it goes faster once you get the first few done. 


Lastly, attach the yarn to the arrows wherever you feel they look best. We double-knotted ours, but these would be really fun to do macrame on or use a mix of different textures and materials as well. The arrows we used already have a built-in hanger, so simply hang them on the wall/door when you're done! If you end up using a different type of arrow, you can tie a loop of yarn or rope around one of the arrowheads to serve as a hanger. 


And there you have it! If you end up making one, please tag it on


under hashtag


! We'd love to see all the cool combinations you come up with!

That being said, we will also be giving away one custom-painted  arrow wall hanging to one lucky reader next week

(Entry deadline is 6PM EST, May 25th, 2014!)

To enter, please comment below with your personal favorite color combination and your favorite summer activity. If you're on


, tag a photo of your favorite thing about summer(make sure to note your favorite colors in the description!!) with hashtag



. We will use an electronic number generator to choose one of you, so feel free to enter as many times as you like between now and the 25th to increase your chances of winning!

This contest is currently open to US residents only


but we plan on making some additional giveaways in the future open to international readers as well.


GIVEAWAY CLOSED...we tallied the results...

And the winner is-------- (drumroll)


We'll be messaging you for your address shortly. Thanks to everyone that participated in our kickoff and not to worry-- we have more giveaways coming your way this month!!

Happy Summer!


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