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DAILY DRIFTER: blue jeans on fire

Ally R.Comment


Blue jeans, bonfires, long nights, rock 'n' roll. We are always pushing the envelope by going above and beyond those who came before us. We are the dreamers, the doers, and the radicals. These are the people that burn the bridges and start the fires, all while looking radiant and innovative. Today we pay tribute to those timeless folks without whom the world would be a boring place to live.



"Untitled" by

gloria marigo 

"Savanna Singers" by

adrian velazco

"Coastin'" by

devin blaskovich

"Untitled" by

christopher mongeau 

"still from my music video" by

annique johnson

"Defending Our Brave Martian Explorers" by

kenneth barton

"karahindiba" by

maggy van eijk

"love box" by

vadim zhavoronkov

"Untitled" by

nathalie weiswasser

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