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Ally R.Comment

When I think about "maps," I immediately recall the raised plastic ones of different countries throughout  my childhood. My grandfather had a Rand McNally set and he used to bring them out when we would come to visit him back east. It was always really exciting for him to show me all of the places he went during the war. As a kid, I was fascinated by all the valleys and ridges of the Rocky Mountains and all of the little engraved lines throughout. But there are other types of maps that are just as profound and abstracted. The maps of our hands, the histories we weave, the path of travel, and the organic nature of pattern can all be types of maps. Even the cells in our brains, with neurons firing, operate as a sort of map. Today we will focus on the nature of maps and how everything, in some way or another, could potentially be representative of a map. Whether traveling to unknown locales or sitting in your living room, maps can be found nearly everywhere and in stranger forms than one could ever imagine. 




わたしが生きている世界はまるで球体です。" by

matsuki narishige

"Untitled" by

insane anomaly 

"summer on the west coast" by

christopher mongeau

"Pt.II" by

jillian camille

"Lo Specchio" by

alexandro valcarcel

"Untitled" by

marie ciuffi

"Untitled" by

fernando cerezo

"Rush Hour Emulators" by

eugenia loli

"14" by


"st.pauli." by

frau acissej

"children on the beach" by

daria hell

"10" by

maria kazvan

"Untitled" by

sanja prodan

"." by  



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