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daily drifter: day + age

daily drifterAlly R.Comment
We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark: the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.

It's a new year and things feel vastly unstructured and unsettled. The weather is unpredictable and so is the political climate. Yet there is hope in the light as well as in the shadows. The energy and vitality of singular moments and of tangible dissonance seem to echo as much from our past as of our future. We are in the golden days of opportunity and in a new age of collective synergism. We are in a time of alternate universes where seemingly real things appear surreal. Now is the time to be everything that you are and to walk into the light sans blindfold. Welcome to the Parallel.



"Se un dì di novembre andassi in Grecia" by   Maria Evgenidu

"Se un dì di novembre andassi in Grecia" by Maria Evgenidu

"kitchen clutter" by  Kathryn Young

"kitchen clutter" by Kathryn Young

"San Francisco" by  Ivan Echevarria

"San Francisco" by Ivan Echevarria

"untitled" by  Giuliana Massaro

"untitled" by Giuliana Massaro

"impediment*" by   Topshiha Sultana

"impediment*" by Topshiha Sultana

"allthingsmary" by  Magdalena Bodzioch

"allthingsmary" by Magdalena Bodzioch

"Northern Lights" by  Ludovica M. B.

"Northern Lights" by Ludovica M. B.

"Untitled" by  Mike Lund

"Untitled" by Mike Lund

"Untitled" by  Sanja Prodan

"Untitled" by Sanja Prodan

"Untitled" by  Toby Harvard

"Untitled" by Toby Harvard

"phantom limb" by T. L. Parker

"phantom limb" by T. L. Parker

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