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DAILY DRIFTER: the feels

Ally R.Comment

On the dreariest of days, many of us feel blue. Whether it is psychological or emotional, the intensity of feelings can either make us soar over the moon with joy or want to crawl into a dark hole of sadness. Feelings are transformative. We cry at movies because we empathize, we smile when we are overjoyed, and we sulk when we are betrayed or hurt. Sometimes we even feel anger and frustration or a grief so profound that we question our own mortal coil.  The incredible mystery of feeling is overwhelming and by its very nature elusive.  The feelings generated by the cosmos are so multifaceted and fleeting that some mornings we simply just want to stay in bed and wait for the storm to pass over us. Today, we dedicate this post to "the feels."



"Untitled" by

malguina malguina

"a few flowers at his feet and above him the stars." by

jessica lia 

"Untitled" by

marine beccarelli

"he likes his RED beard.." by


"after the winter" by

peter and 


"Untitled" by 


"dolphin kid" by

arina antonova

"Untitled" by

carolina conte

"Untitled" by

A manda*

"Untitled" by

roco perna

"Untitled" by

danila golavachkov


septa una

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