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DAILY DRIFTER: the wild ones

Ally R.Comment


baby if you wanna


wild you got a lot to learn.."

Bruce Springsteen

totally said it best, and today we're going to celebrate the


child in all of us. Back when I was in junior high school, I thought I was some sort of riot grrl, but I still paled in comparison to most of my eccentric friends. What some consider wild, others consider tame-- so I leave you to be the judge. Here's some movers and shakers for your daily dose of awesome on a blah Monday. 



"Disturb, please." by


"The Rose" by

giulia rossi ferini

"Untitled" by


"Untitled" by


"Untilted" by s

avina gost

"sht" by

akuma aizawa

"Jeune et Jolie" by

gus barletto

"Untitled" by

Søren bΛp†iŞm

"Untitled" by


"red 6" by

william boulter

"Untitled" by

carolina conte

"De quando você foi um pôr do sol de outono" by

tuane eggers

"Untitled" by

anna laznya

"Untitled" by

lucy marti

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