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Ally R.Comment

There is always quite a bit of talk about the edge of the world, and the continuity of the universe beyond us. The idea of fading into Oblivion has been particularly worrisome ever since the dropping of the bomb, but the concept of space and time travel is never far from our thoughts for long. Sometimes it seems as though we are modern spectators, caught between the door to future of technological advances and the window to the past and how we have advanced thus far. There is an ironic sense of surrealism lying behind the ideas of the non-existence of existence, of quantum theory in essence, and of the very dichotomy between the mind and the spirit. Call me a mystic if you will, but I do believe the spirit is freewheeling and infinite. At the edge of Oblivion, what will we find? 



"Untitled" by

annique johnson

"Untitled" by 


"mountain climbing" by

 pat c

"RW9A3867" by 

david drese 

"Untitled" by 

elif araf yalim

"humanscape" by 

alexandra moskow

"Untitled" by 

fabian podeszwa

"Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine 2014" by 

yulia krivich

"Untitled" by 


"Time on Your Own in a Place like Big Sur" by 

ashley jordan gordon

"Untitled" by 

idea (rent a moose)

"#135" by 

zdenek blaha

"film_0937_leden_olympus35sp_jenstejn_37" by 

daniel churechawa

"made of magic" by 

brittany brightly

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