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10/10 | 20/20 show+tell AUGUST 2017

Sonam A.Comment

1  |  remembering strength on the anniversary hiroshima  (almost a novel but worth the read!)
2 |  this uber cute playroom has us bouncing off the walls
3 |  gearing up for fall with this fabulous recipe for a healthy hazelnut latte
4 |  pretty much the cutest sunglasses we ever did see
5 |  salted mexican ganache tart recipe (it speaks for itself, right?)
6 |  we love this super easy DIY shelf project from the merrythought
7 |  excited to try out some of these fall makeup trends
8 |  reading about our impending demise in a nuclear attack (fun stuff, right? ugh.)
9 |  this diy because we love painting all things cacti and succulents
10|  rad dance party list (c/o Belle and Sebastian) to get your weekend started right





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