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Ear to the Ground: Blouse

Denver B.Comment


Blouse is an alternative group from Portland, OR that seems to run the gamut with sound. Their original sound was more driven by 80's-style synths and hazy, dreamy vocals which were a throwback to New Wave. The newer albums focus on a more solid rock vibe that is both rich and complex. Charlie Hilton's songwriting just continuously gets better with time, although keeps much of the subject of love and loss in focus. As the band has birthed another album, it has also shown inherent evolution and quality. Although I still adore their New Wave roots and always will, I have to admit their latest album is insanely amazing. I was fortunate enough to see them live a while back and


song sold me. :

It will probably sell you, too.

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Ear to the Ground: Listen to Wishyunu’s Futuray

Denver B.Comment

Bei Yan and Tony Bertaccin of 


Wishyunu is a drum and synth duo hailing from Portland, OR. With beautifully melodic electro-pop music and haunting vocals, spouses Bei Yan and Tony Bertaccini have an incredible musical synergy that gives the songs an interstitial quality, allowing you to feel as if you are standing on the precipice of a void. The tracks are dreamy yet continuously solid and with the aid of recording extraordinaire Jeremy Sherrer, the collaboration is an album full of ample talent and intrigue.

Although this 4-track EP was released in 2013, it is one of those that constantly finds its way back into my tape deck. I especially love the tracks “Sprayy” and  “Neutron” but all of them are amazing. Their earlier work was equally wonderful, but I have to say, so far this album is stellar. I, for one, look forward to seeing what the next album brings us. 

To hear more of their work, check out their bandcamp site (


). The album is also available on iTunes and they have Facebook, Twitter, and everything else so there's really no excuse if you miss this gem. 


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