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▼▽ i n t e r i o r  s u p e r i o r △▲

By using inventive and simple means, you can add unique geometries to an otherwise normal floor. (via d

esign gallerist


Raw wood furnishings and floors create continuity of space. (via



All-wood floors and furnishings allow all other textures to be appear more vibrant. (via


Concrete floors and plain wooden walls have a brute elegance. (via



 Clean lines and a mostly neutral color scheme create a relaxing living area. (via

bolig magasinet


Using different shades of a neutral tones causes a space to seem clean and inviting. (via



A singular color can make a pronounced impression upon entering a space. (via

interior design


Sophisticated simplicity is quite evident in this minimal kitchen.  (via



 A simple palette and soft textures make for an alluring and inviting kitchen. (via

a well traveled woman


A simple bright white wall can be visually elegant. (via

unfinished home



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