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the flight

Taylor P.Comment

I can feel my heart quipping, slipping so close to the bottle

and we are home, but in our lover's lies so coddled

and the merry-makers have their heyday, wandering away from still blue water

tumbling blindly to our feet, we open our mouths 'til we shudder

hands locking in luminous pace, these songs and daughters

all raptured by benevolence at stake, our courage we mustered

salty eyes and silent teeth, breaking bread by the old mill

we kept our worried lips so taunt, limbs and appendages still

when we breathed the rapid wind, oh how our lungs did suffer

for all the cleaner air and eagle's wing, we long to feel the thunder

again my soul it aches for peace, yet in slips the bottle 

forthrightly I find my sound deceased, when slowly we all stumbled

past the rocks and molten eyelids that clung to their specters

courageously we traveled through the halls of pain and laughter

our clothing torn and our scabbards worn, we campaign with blunder

the worms and flies will eat our skin, but the bones still lay asunder

bleached white and starry night so proud for us to wander

And in the din I laughed so loud, you could hear it echo in the sound

the coast was so gray that day when we pitched our fallen fort

the map had lost its luster but we still found ourselves decided

tomorrow will be our guide, in the pines behind our eyelids

the cones and hollow drone of the highway sends us scouring

searching in a frantic pace for some lenience to rely on

I place my toes in the cool water and the fish try to bite them

for we are home yet all alone, the ambiguity is beguiled

though taciturn, we hook our worms, and place them in a robin's nest

I wonder aloud if were we not endowed by so humble a genius mind

we might take flight beyond the trees to see what heaven defied

and in the fields I find her still, standing without speaking

the luminous dove of unrequited love stands apt in the tall grasses

and when it storms, the colors warm, I feel her touch so vibrant

the raven hands, still clasp the bands, and her heart it still yet racing

oh gracious love, oh lord above, please chaste her honest chasing.