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(notes from underground. 2012)

Taylor P.Comment

*Consciousness is a consequence of the ambiance in our environment.  The smells,  tastes, and textures overwhelm our senses and masquerade as time and space, yet only for a fleeting moment to we feel the present feelings and sensations before it is gone again, only to appear later in a masque of distortion and disproportion. We seek throughout our memory, grasping at fragments of information.

*There once was a girl who believed love was suffering. Without suffering, there would be no love, and without love, there would be only chaos.

*A great leader is one who practises compassion and strength of resolve. One cannot lead a people if one does not sympathize with the people. Likewise, one cannot be lead by the people alone, but also by a firm heart. The air of supremacy can be mistaken for arrogance, but it is only truly the good of heart and strong of mind that reign victorious.