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The Veil

Taylor P.Comment

Kismet. It is like a wildfire. You burn for love. You burn for truth and honor and all of the things that seem negligible to some. You need this person. The world seems more light, more full of promise, echoing beauty and the containment of fulfillment.

But then the unveiling begins. Unmasked, fear is the motivator. You see people for who they truly are. You see their complexities, their needs, their insecurities, their flaws, their vices. Fear is the motivator. Fear is the perpetrator. It is when you can accept these things in someone else, and not seek to change them but to understand them, that you become beholden to them. It is in this way that we should learn. I believe we must put all of ourselves forward, not just our best foot. If the other person is capable of withstanding such an onslaught, at the end of the day, you might call them brother and equal. To look fear in the eye, to say that you are not afraid of what comes to pass in life, no matter what the hurt or pain, because you have been there. You have been to Hell and back again and opened your heart and unveiled yourself despite reproach. You no longer fear Death or pain, because you know you have experienced it before, and may again. But you try because we are meant to break and we are meant to love. We welcome change because it means progress. Growth. In the lantern’s light, when we shed our skins, we become renewed--- Whole.