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Design Therapy #1: Chevron Tights

Taylor A.Comment

For the first two editions of this adventure, I want to focus on tights. They're relatively inexpensive (I bought several cute pairs at Target for $5 each, which is well within a typical budget) and easy to do different things to. Some people bleach them, paint on them, etc. The problem is that they are super-stretchy, so if you're gluing them, make sure to get a flexible one (Aleene's makes a decent one) and make sure to try on the tights and mark where everything will go before you glue (or sew!).

Needs for DT#1:

1 pair of tights (or more, depending on how many you are making)


A dull pencil

A ruler or triangle/straightedge

Felt or any semi-thick fabric that can be fusible

Fusible sheets (where you can iron the fabric to stick directly to the tights) or flexible fabric glue and a paintbrush

STEP ONE: Begin by marking your fabric lightly with a straightedge, in two equal squares.

STEP TWO: Split those squares into two smaller ones (I made mine different in size to add a bit of variety, but equal is cool, too)

STEP THREE: Begin marking your chevron pieces

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