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Design Therapy #2: Pierced Tights

Taylor A.1 Comment

I cheated and am posting tomorrow's today (since it is practically 12am anyway), but I was just so excited to share them. These are pretty simple to make as well. They don't have to be perfect (mine certainly aren't), but I'm sure there's lots of different ways to get a similar effect with different materials. 

For DT#2,  you will need:

1 pair of tights

scissors + a ruler or some sort os straightedge

leather or vinyl (Joann's sells very good imitation leather)


Felt or fabric

Fabric glue + a brush, needle and thread, or fusible interfacing 

STEP ONE: Cut out a triangular shape out of the leather and then cut out a mini-triangle inside of it. I made mine around 2.5". Duplicate.  

STEP TWO: Cut 4 wide v-shapes out of a different fabric. Cut two ribbons (measure from the top of where you want the fabric pieces to where the arrowhead will sit.

STEP THREE: Glue or stitch/fuse the arrowheads to the tights, leaving a little wiggle room for the ribbons. 

STEP FOUR: Mark where the ribbons go on the tights. Glue the ribbons on. 

STEP FIVE: Decorate, paint, or embellish to create your own signature style. 


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