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Design Therapy #3: chevron necklace

Taylor A.Comment

For this edition of design therapy, we're making a simple necklace that can be added to your wardrobe. You can also use different materials, different lengths, etc to achieve your own signature look!

DT#3 needs:

Leather or vinyl (could also use fabric-- I bought 1/8th of a yard of two colors to make multiple items)


A marking pencil

Jewelry pliers

jump rings of various sizes

a chain

closure (optional)

a straightedge or ruler

a leather hole punch

STEP ONE: Mark the opposite side of the material with three lines. Measure, dot, and connect the lines to make chevron pattern.

STEP TWO: Cut out your design and punch hole for the jump ring on each side (I used to 2nd smallest on the hole punch, which is better for thicker fabrics).

STEP THREE: Make sure your helper doesn't walk off with your stuff (like mine did!)

STEP FOUR: If you are using other colors, mark, cut, and punch your other pieces (I tried to do different sizes for this one.)

 STEP FIVE: Connect your pieces using jump rings and pliers. (I alternated sizes to give variety).

STEP SIX: Attach chain (evenly) to the rest of your necklace. If you are making a shorter necklace that won't slip over the head, cut your chain into two pieces and add a closure before you attach the rest of the necklace.

STEP SEVEN: And you're done!

TIP: If you want to have a necklace that features two lengths, you can attach a small closure like I did somewhere in the middle to the chain, to make it shorter!

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