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▼▽ i n t e r i o r s u p e r i o r △▲: clever spaces

Taylor A.Comment

▼▽ i n t e r i o r  s u p e r i o r △▲//clever spaces

Filter harsh sunlight with some hanging plants. (via

radar magazine


Like compact living? Stacking is a great design strategy for tight spaces. (via

house and leisure


Wood and tile add an interesting dynamic to a minimal bathroom. (via



Lovely colors and prints brighten up this living room. (via



Found wooden materials can add texture to an otherwise plain wall. (via

a beautiful mess

A wooden ceiling can liven up a lighter-toned room. (via

jas tang


Wooden panels can prove a unique choice in a white kitchen. (via

my scandinavian home


Large-format prints can be an inexpensive and interesting conversation piece. (via

lay baby lay


Chalkboard paint is perfect for drawings and last-minute to-do lists. (via




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