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shop update: coming soon!

shop updateTaylor P.Comment

shop update

Photo Sep 12.jpeg

Our custom banners will be coming next month to our etsy store. Each banner is hand-sewn and made with quality vinyl (black or white although we will have more options soon,) felt (1" or 2" letters in black, white, or red,) and recycled vintage fabrics. They are mostly inspired by soul music but feature a variety of mottos as well. 

Photo Sep 11.jpeg

Works in progress. 


Some of the options that will be available for pre-order!: 

image1 copy.JPG
image2 copy.JPG
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let's party: summer camp

Maddie C.Comment




It's basically Summer here in ATL and we're having a Moonrise Kingdom-inspired celebration for our son. Each week, we'll be looking at different ideas you can use for unique parties, weddings, celebrations, and even date nights! 

For this edition, we're focusing on lots of colors, summer camp nostalgia, animals pals, and inspiration from nature!



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