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daily drifter: the accolades

daily drifterAlly R.Comment
— Lemony Snicket

In matters of meritocracy, sometimes we haven't the faintest idea what is going on. We humbly oblige some more moderate version of ourselves to demonstrate how to behave in modern society, yet our current society is full of upheaval and a future that has yet to be determined. We call them the accolades, these momentary glimpses of privilege and centrifugal forces that we often take for granted.  Some call it divination or intervention. We walk blindly or swim into their seas, letting the current and the windswept sand direct us where we're meant to go and where we belonged all along. 



"Untitled" by  Alex Dietrich

"Untitled" by Alex Dietrich

"homesick" by  Giuliana Massaro

"homesick" by Giuliana Massaro

"red 6" by  William Boulter

"red 6" by William Boulter

"Flight over Nazca desert" by  _GOZ_

"Flight over Nazca desert" by _GOZ_

"Untitled" by  Kathryn Young

"Untitled" by Kathryn Young

"Selfie underneath the stars" by  Matthijs Bettman

"Selfie underneath the stars" by Matthijs Bettman

"San Francisco, CA" by  Ivan Echevarria

"San Francisco, CA" by Ivan Echevarria

"hopes" by  topshiha sultana

"hopes" by topshiha sultana

"My city through my eyes" by  Maria Evgenidu

"My city through my eyes" by Maria Evgenidu

"Untitled" by  Benedetta Falugi

"Untitled" by Benedetta Falugi

"Portland OR  .  2016" by  Gilbert Terrazas

"Portland OR  .  2016" by Gilbert Terrazas

"De nuevo al frio" by  Em Bernatzky

"De nuevo al frio" by Em Bernatzky

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▼▽ i n t e r i o r s u p e r i o r △▲

Taylor A.Comment

▼▽ i n t e r i o r  s u p e r i o r △▲

Potted plants and stamped trees bring nature inside. (via



Nature prints and geometric fabrics have a charming contrast. (via



Fur textures and minimal tones create variety in a room. (via

design hunter ltd


Natural tones, plants, and natural light can make a space feel inviting. (via



Leaving walls natural gives a comfortable nostalgia to a space. (



Wood textures and a small palette can add layers to a space. (via



Wooden furnishings and white walls can make folk prints pop. (via



Succulents and wood furnishings liven up a space. (via

apartment therapy


Floral and vintage prints and paintings add hints of nature to a kitchen or sunroom. (via



Dark walls and cascading vines cause an unexpected vibrancy to a small space. (via

martina thornhill



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DAILY DRIFTER: Into the Woods

Ally R.Comment

When I think of the woods, I think of sprawling forests of old growth trees, the craggy mountains of my childhood, and long walks with no destination in particular. I've always lived in cities, so it has often been a daydream of mine to venture to parts unknown. Camping with my Dad before he passed was a particularly fond memory for me. 

What images does your mind conjure up when you think of the great outdoors? Here's some little sparks of inspiration from our flickr group. Please check out these amazing artists by clicking on their names to go to their respective pages. Thank you!



"I am a singing of leaves II (alternate tonality)" by


"34A_0487" by

andi singer

"tatiana" by

michel nguie

"sequoia" by

christopher mongeau

"Untitled" by

danielle christine 

"Untitled" by

sean gilchrist

"Untitled" by

imitation o f life

"Untitled" by

david paton

"Untitled" by

jamie miller


Quanto silêncio cabe em um sentir?" by

tuane eggers

"untitled" by

renata ibis

"Untitled" by


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DAILY DRIFTER: Minimal Surrealism

Ally R.Comment

Mirages in the Sahara. Solid-voids. Cemeteries and canals. 

Get it? I'm being ironically minimal. 

All kidding aside, the following are some gorgeous examples of minimal surrealism in form. 

These are some profound ways to express minimalism and surrealism combined. Sometimes they are haunting, eluding, and intoxicating. Oftentimes they are pure magic. 



"cementerio nueva esperanza. Lima - Perú" by

javier castro

"Klemence" by

lucile perron

"homesick" by

giuliana massaro

"push the sky away" by 

Mariana Cecílio

"The loss of the purity" by

dara scully

"Untitled" by


"Untitled" by

heitor magno

"Untitled" by

ChihHsien Chen

"Untitled" by

alexandra moskow

"Untitled [Mama] 2014" by

george nebieridze

"_23_0988" by

Ioana Lupascu

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