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▼▽ i n t e r i o r  s u p e r i o r △▲

Potted plants and stamped trees bring nature inside. (via



Nature prints and geometric fabrics have a charming contrast. (via



Fur textures and minimal tones create variety in a room. (via

design hunter ltd


Natural tones, plants, and natural light can make a space feel inviting. (via



Leaving walls natural gives a comfortable nostalgia to a space. (



Wood textures and a small palette can add layers to a space. (via



Wooden furnishings and white walls can make folk prints pop. (via



Succulents and wood furnishings liven up a space. (via

apartment therapy


Floral and vintage prints and paintings add hints of nature to a kitchen or sunroom. (via



Dark walls and cascading vines cause an unexpected vibrancy to a small space. (via

martina thornhill



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