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censored sensory (warning: explicit)

Taylor P.Comment

I find myself unravelling before him. He has a way of reaching deep into my psyche and entrapping my logic in a faint cloud. I feel pulled into the murky depths of my lower conscience only to find myself again not long after. When he kisses me, we devour one another in a frenzy, although time tends to pass rather slowly. He bites at me, kisses me tenderly, and our bodies speak in the rhythms that our minds cannot assimilate. For that small fragment of time, we have reached an understanding; that we are free yet we are never free from each other. I push and he pulls; I move away and he brings me to him. The dynamic that exists between us becomes a stationary front. In it, we see all the things we want and need and it provides us comfort, even when we feel obligated to other matters. We tell each other that it is what it is, yet on some level it is more than fucking. We want to ravage one another’s scientific minds. The love has outlived the lust and is immensely powerful, to the point sometimes it leaves us shaking. He pulls me close to him and begins undressing me, which I allow. I am submissive when I desire to be. Normally so independent and capable, it is a pleasant feeling to lose myself him for a while— to just be a woman for a change. As his hands wander I am at his mercy— and in a state of complete ecstasy. His fingers against my clit are warm and familiar; sometimes it feels almost as if that is their home. As he feels around, he breathes against my neck and begins kissing my neck and ears. I feel overcome with an amount of emotion and desire I have never experienced in all my life. We taste each other and marvel at the wonder of everything. We can’t seem to stop kissing and touching; it is a powerful addiction. He is hard, I have noticed for some time, and I proceed to massage him. He pulls it out and I take it in my mouth, licking and sucking the smooth surface for a while and wrapping my tongue around the circumference. He bends me over and pulls down my pants, biting my ass which causes me to squeal in delight. He then rubs his fingers up and down my clit before entering one in my ass, causing me to moan. We sit down and I straddle him. As he enters, I become frenzied and ride him mercilessly.